Pure Slush: Happy²

Matt Potter is the founding editor of Pure Slush.  His goal is to print “flash…without the wank.”  Each publication contains a wide variety of flash fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  Am over the moon to be included in not one, but two printings of Pure Slush:  “Tall…ish” (Vol. 11, 2016) and Happy²  (Vol. 15, 2018), the more recent of the two can be ordered here.  Thank you, Matt, for including some of my work in the pages of Pure Slush.



The Voices Project

Denise Powell is the founding editor of The Voices Project, a venue for women’s voices.  As stated, “…when you empower a woman, you empower a family, a community, a nation…”  Timely, this, with the second annual Women’s March happening this weekend. I am grateful to The Voices Project for including my poem “Kite Flying” in this project.  Have you shared your voice yet?1359389494


The Northern Review

Wow!  It’s such an honor to have “Crop” and “DaVinci’s A Bear Walking” published in the pages of The Northern Review.  Special thanks to Deanna McLeod

As listed on the Yukon College website, “The Northern Review is a multidisciplinary journal exploring human experience in the Circumpolar North. We are published by the School of Liberal Arts.

The journal is the only peer-reviewed publication in Canada devoted exclusively to northern issues and published north of 60. Since 1988, we have published articles covering a broad range of human issues and topics in the social sciences, humanities, health, law, and the arts.

The editors invite research articles and book reviews relating to human experience in, and thought about, the Circumpolar North.”

If you visit the website, you’re able to browse work published in this issue by some of my favorite northern authors:  Nancy Lord, Joanna Lilley, Nicole Bauberger, Carolyn Kremers, S. Hollis Mickey, Jeremy Pataky and Linda Schandelmeier, among others.


Moonchild Magazine

Nadia Gerassimenko, Founding Editor of Moonchild Magazine, has done it again.  Issue 2:  Dead Stars Still Burn has offered its brightness into the world.  As written in her Editor’s Note, “This issue pays homage to all the spectacular celestial bodies in our skyscape. It also pays tribute to some of our beloved stars who left us in the recent years as well as long ago, but their legacy and contributions live on, their ghosts still haunt us (nicely, we hope?).”  I am ever so grateful to have two poems included in this issue, “Planet Ink” and “Taku Winds.”  Grab a cuppa tea and dig in!

Moonchild Magazine

Three Drops from a Cauldron: Midwinter 2017

So happy to have my poem, “Krampus Misconstrued,” included in this Midwinter special. Thank you to Kate Garrett and company for giving the world such engaging work.

Three Drops from a Cauldron

Welcome to our final seasonal special until January 2019 – and it’s our Midwinter special, the annual feast of snow and ice, with warming hints of fire and spice, guiding us through the myth and lore of the winter season – in this case, November to February.

Featuring poetry and flash fiction by Steve Harrison, Jane Burn, Maurice Devitt, Kristina Diprose, Jen McGregor, Stephanie Conn, Robert Beveridge, Larry Lefkowitz, Ali Jones, Elaine Reardon, Lesley Burt, Shannon Cuthbert, Joseph Allison, Gaia Holmes, Angela Topping, Tara A. Elliott, Charley Reay, Kersten Christianson, Bethan Rees, Ness Owen, Lesley Quayle, Beth McDonough, Kathy Miles, Ruth Aylett, Jay Whittaker, Lisa Fusch Krause, Maggie Mackay, Rebecca Buchanan, Alwyn Marriage, Jade Black, Paul Waring, David J. Costello, Finola Scott, Lorraine Carey, Sarah Peploe, Grant Tarbard, Daphne Milne, Gareth Writer-Davies, Jen Emery, Mandy Macdonald, Rebecca Lowe, and Theresa Sowerby.

This special was edited by Kate Garrett with input…

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Malevolent Soap

It has been such a joy to work with Malevolent Soap Editor Felix Garner Davis.  Talk about a rich exchange of dialogue regarding writing process.  I have enjoyed watching my poem “Chance” arrive to publication in the current issue of Malevolent Soap.  I cannot recommend enough this publication to fellow poets interesting in submitting their work for future publication and with an invite like this, “Submit away, and may Dionysus bless your inky palms,” how can you resist?

As described at Duotrope:  “Malevolent Soap is an independent, self-published, non-profit journal of poetry and fiction edited by Felix Garner Davis. We’re based in Melbourne, but our issues feature emerging and established voices from around the planet. Anything goes, but we’re partial to imagistic work that explores intersections of ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture. Whether it invokes Nicolas Cage as muse or bemoans Rick Deckard’s overconsumption of MSG in verse, we’re interested. We champion concrete aesthetics, reference, fusion and oddity.”



Wolf Warriors 4: Wolves of Light & Darkness

Much gratitude to Editor Sherayah Witcher for including my poem “Collage” in Wolf Warriors 4:  Wolves of Light & Darkness, an anthology published by Thurston Howl Publications.  This volume may be purchased through Amazon.  As described on site, “Wolves are one of the most revered creatures in the animal kingdom, and in this anthology, we strive to give them the spotlight they deserve as we examine them at their brightest and in the depths of darkness. Wolves are shown in all their shining glory as they show others how to walk the path of redemption. The wolf’s vulnerability is also exposed at the midnight hour when it is protecting its young from inclement danger. This compilation of harrowing works includes prominent authors and artists such as Mark Onspaugh, Kate Falvey, Tamara Miles, and Virginia Maria Romero, and strives to display the contrast and complexity of the wolf through stories, poetry, art, and other creative expressions.”


Allegro Poetry Magazine

Allegro Poetry Magazine is an online journal based in the UK and published four times a year.  March and September highlight general poems while June and December publications feature thematic work.

It is edited by British poet, Sally Long. Sally holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East London and is studying for a PhD at Exeter. She is a member of the St Albans based Ver Poets.

Editor Sally Long writes, “Issue 15 celebrates that perennial feature of poetry workshops and courses: The prompt. Poets were invited to describe the prompts that gave rise to their poems. The result is an issue that not only includes some amazing poetry but also a selection of ideas that will hopefully inspire new poems.”

Much gratitude to Allegro for including my tanka “Death Bed” in this issue.