Wolf Warriors 4: Wolves of Light & Darkness

Much gratitude to Editor Sherayah Witcher for including my poem “Collage” in Wolf Warriors 4:  Wolves of Light & Darkness, an anthology published by Thurston Howl Publications.  This volume may be purchased through Amazon.  As described on site, “Wolves are one of the most revered creatures in the animal kingdom, and in this anthology, we strive to give them the spotlight they deserve as we examine them at their brightest and in the depths of darkness. Wolves are shown in all their shining glory as they show others how to walk the path of redemption. The wolf’s vulnerability is also exposed at the midnight hour when it is protecting its young from inclement danger. This compilation of harrowing works includes prominent authors and artists such as Mark Onspaugh, Kate Falvey, Tamara Miles, and Virginia Maria Romero, and strives to display the contrast and complexity of the wolf through stories, poetry, art, and other creative expressions.”


Allegro Poetry Magazine

Allegro Poetry Magazine is an online journal based in the UK and published four times a year.  March and September highlight general poems while June and December publications feature thematic work.

It is edited by British poet, Sally Long. Sally holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East London and is studying for a PhD at Exeter. She is a member of the St Albans based Ver Poets.

Editor Sally Long writes, “Issue 15 celebrates that perennial feature of poetry workshops and courses: The prompt. Poets were invited to describe the prompts that gave rise to their poems. The result is an issue that not only includes some amazing poetry but also a selection of ideas that will hopefully inspire new poems.”

Much gratitude to Allegro for including my tanka “Death Bed” in this issue.






Pocket Change Literary Magazine

Thank you to the editors of Pocket Change for including my poem “Raspberry” in the Fall 2017 issue, “Home.”  I fully support their vision of publication.  In exchange for printing art, they ask potential readers to donate money for causes they believe in.  Past issues have benefited The Syria Fund, Inc. and survivors of the Pulse Nightclub shooting via the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Community Ctr. of Central Florida, Inc.  Proceeds from this current issue of Pocket Change will benefit the American Civil Liberties League and the American Civil Liberties League Massachusetts.  In turn, donors will receive the link to download and read the issue.

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Wildhood Project

Thank you to editor Cristina Falcone for giving “Heartwood” a home in the pages of the Wildhood Project.  Overjoyed to receive a couple of copies of this lovely journal in the mail this week.    As described on its website, “The Wildhood Project is a new literary and art review based in Portland, Maine.  In its second year, the project aims to provide a platform for the unheard voices of the outdoors and other wilds.”


Issue 6 Authors

Source: Issue 6 Authors


We proudly present our Issue 6 authors!

Prose by:

Irving Greenfield
Helen Grochmal
Thomas Elson
Riley Lalumendre
Reggie Mills
Alison Roland
Ashley Roth

Poetry by:

Emily Allison
Amy Bales
Robert Beveridge
Kersten Christianson
William Doreski
Brian C. Felder
Jonathan Greenhause
Ann Howells
Selina Kyle
Sean J. Mahoney
Christopher McCarthy
David Stevens
John Tustin
Georgette Unis


Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine: Writer Interview

Much gratitude to Sam Rose for the opportunity to interview prior to the release of the Peeking Cat Anthology 2017.   The anthology will be available on Kindle October 15th, but like many, I’ll be waiting for the release of the hard copy to follow a few weeks later.  Here’s a link to my interview with Peeking Cat Poetry.


Something Yet to Be Named

Here is my Over the Moon share:  My poetry collection Something Yet to Be Named (Aldrich Press) is now available on Amazon and at Old Harbor Books in Sitka.  Signed copies may be purchased from me.

I am so very thankful for everyone who helped make this happen:  to friends and family, especially April for giving me a room in her house for a handful of Anchorage summers and to Bruce for finding Wifi connections when needed this summer for final editing work; to my MFA mentors and graduate committee: Anne Caston, Zack Rogow, Elizabeth Bradfield, Sherry Simpson and David Stevenson; to all the writing professors in the University of Alaska Anchorage Low-Residency MFA Program; to my UAA poet friends, Blue Canoe Writer friends and fellow board and editorial friends at Alaska Women Speak; to Yukon artist Daphne Mennell for sharing her art Full Moon on Windy Arm for the cover (“…from one artist to another”); to Carol Birrell, Anne Caston, Vivian Faith Prescott and Zack Rogow for providing written comments for the book’s back cover; to the journals that shared various poems along this road to publication, among them Cirque, San Pedro River Review, Sheila-Na-Gig, Tidal Echoes; and to editor Karen Kelsay of Aldrich Press (an imprint of Kelsay Books) for putting this writing out to the world.  I am ever so grateful.

Christianson Cover