Wolf Warriors 4: Wolves of Light & Darkness

Much gratitude to Editor Sherayah Witcher for including my poem “Collage” in Wolf Warriors 4:  Wolves of Light & Darkness, an anthology published by Thurston Howl Publications.  This volume may be purchased through Amazon.  As described on site, “Wolves are one of the most revered creatures in the animal kingdom, and in this anthology, we strive to give them the spotlight they deserve as we examine them at their brightest and in the depths of darkness. Wolves are shown in all their shining glory as they show others how to walk the path of redemption. The wolf’s vulnerability is also exposed at the midnight hour when it is protecting its young from inclement danger. This compilation of harrowing works includes prominent authors and artists such as Mark Onspaugh, Kate Falvey, Tamara Miles, and Virginia Maria Romero, and strives to display the contrast and complexity of the wolf through stories, poetry, art, and other creative expressions.”


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