Malevolent Soap

It has been such a joy to work with Malevolent Soap Editor Felix Garner Davis.  Talk about a rich exchange of dialogue regarding writing process.  I have enjoyed watching my poem “Chance” arrive to publication in the current issue of Malevolent Soap.  I cannot recommend enough this publication to fellow poets interesting in submitting their work for future publication and with an invite like this, “Submit away, and may Dionysus bless your inky palms,” how can you resist?

As described at Duotrope:  “Malevolent Soap is an independent, self-published, non-profit journal of poetry and fiction edited by Felix Garner Davis. We’re based in Melbourne, but our issues feature emerging and established voices from around the planet. Anything goes, but we’re partial to imagistic work that explores intersections of ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture. Whether it invokes Nicolas Cage as muse or bemoans Rick Deckard’s overconsumption of MSG in verse, we’re interested. We champion concrete aesthetics, reference, fusion and oddity.”



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