Much gratitude to the editors who have included my work in their publications.


What Caught Raven’s Eye   Petroglyph Press  June 2018  (Chapbook)

Something Yet to Be Named   Aldrich Press  / An Imprint of Kelsay Books  September 2017   (Collection)


“Curate”  (Honorable Mention)   Alaska Statewide Poetry Contest   Fairbanks Arts Association  Judge/Poet Vivian Faith Prescott Spring 2019

“The Ungulate’s Jaw,” “Curios” & “Katie’s Cabin” (1st, 3rd, Honorable Mention)   Alaska Statewide Poetry Contest  Fairbanks Arts Association  Judge/Poet Jeremy Pataky Spring 2017

“Le Creuset”  Sheila-Na-Gig Online  Winter 2016  Poetry Contest Winner


“Reading Science Fictions Again”   The Zoetic Press:  Work Inspired by HG Wells  (forthcoming)

“Prayer for the Wildness”    Peatsmoke Journal   (forthcoming)

“Another Day of Rain,” “Mega Ship” & “Alaska Summer Pie”   Academy of Heart and Mind  Fall 2019 (forthcoming, mid-September)

“Little Salmon Lake” & “Of Alderaan”   Tidal Echoes   Spring 2019

“Water Lilies”   The Selkie   Spring 2019  (forthcoming)

“All Good Things Gray”   The Local Train Mag   April 2019

“Island of Lost”   Ketchikan Writes   Literary Zine 2  Spring 2019  (forthcoming)

“Even the Penny Shows Wear,” “Taiya” and “Serendipity”   Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review   Winter 2019

“Hygge and Sisu in 3 Parts”   Cirque Journal   Winter 2019

“Now”   Snapdragon:  A Journal of Art & Healing   Spring 2019

“Blue-Black Night”   San Pedro River Review   Night Vol. 11 No. 1 Spring 2019

“Bohemian” and “Whimsy”    Between These Shores Literary & Arts Annual   Issue 2 2018/2019

“Her Song to Snow”   Word Life   January 2019

“Minus Tide”   Peeking Cat Poetry   January 13 2019

“In Whitehorse,” “Jazz” and “Flambeau”    Dodging the Rain/Dodging the Snow   12 Poems of Christmas  December 2018

“Delectable”   Young Ravens Literary Review  Issue 9   December 2018

“The Westminster”   The Writers’ Cafe Magazine  Issue 14  Frost and Dew Issue   December 2018

“Flight”   Constellate Literary Journal   Issue Two   October 2018

“Old Snow Carver”   Word Life   October 2018

“Curios”  The Poetry Shed  September 2018

“To Sister Friend’s House”   Word Life   Summer 2018

“Signs”   Hedge Apple:  The Literary Magazine of Hagerstown Community College   Summer 2018

“Shine,” “John Haines’ To-Do List” & “Kluane Lake”   The Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review   Summer 2018

“Status Update” & “Charles Bukowski Takes the High Road”   The Borfski Press

“Blues”   Blue Heron Review  (forthcoming February 2019)

“Be Prepared”   Down in the Dirt   Summer 2018

“Stjerne”   Cirque   Summer 2018

“Without the Sea” & “The Geography of Grief”   ELM Magazine  2018

“Care Of”   L’Ephemere Review    March/April 2018

“Bohemian” & “Whimsy”  Between These Shores Literary & Arts Annual   (forthcoming November 2018)

“i am a naked fish”   Little Rose Magazine   March 2018

“96%” & “Moonset”   Dream Tiger Press   2018

“Oceanography,” “The Geography of Grief,” & “You Choose Your Solitude”   Sheila-Na-Gig   2018

“To the Bare Salmonberry Branch in Winter Cold” & “Grief”   Sheila-Na-Gig   2018

“Honey Sound” & “Ice Cream Truck”    San Pedro River Review   Spring 2018

“in my pocket i keep” & “Fame”   The Bamboo Hut   Spring 2018

“Heart Line” & “Latitude”   Word Life   2018

“Lemon Lavender Wings,” “Nomad” & “Second-Hand”    Willow   March 2018

“Cabin in the Woods”   Tilde/Thirty West Publishing House   March 2018

“The Longest Night”   Cirque   Winter 2017

“Assemblage”   Gold Dust Magazine  (forthcoming 2018)

“Tomorrow, the Sun” & “Drug Deal”   Canyon Voices   Fall 2017

“Kluane Lake”   Minerva Rising   Fall 2018

“Anxiety”   1932 Quarterly     2017

“Chance”   Malevolent Soap   November 2017

“Death Bed”   Allegro Poetry Magazine   Issue 15, December 2017

“Raspberry”   Pocket Change Literary Magazine   Fall 2017

“Charged Particles”   Moria Woodbury University Literary Magazine  December 2017

“Ivory Tower”   Sobotka Literary Magazine  Issue 6

“Soon, Blueberry Moon” & “Brown Bear Grazing”   Plum Tree Tavern   August 2017

“Round & Round”   Word Life   August 2017

“Lies & Truth” & “Second-Hand”    Not Your Mother’s Breast Milk   July 2017

“The Superstition Mountains”   Cirque   Summer 2017

“Between,” “Another Day Watching the Sea,” & “Clamming with Mary Oliver”   Nature Writing June 11, 2017

“Heartwood”   The Wildhood Project 2017

“The Move”  Blue Heron Review  July 2017

“Katie’s Cabin”   Sugared Water/Cartography Issue  Summer 2017 (forthcoming)

“Mantra”  Young Ravens Literary Review  Summer 2017

“Love Song: Kingfisher” & “The Eagle Has Landed”   I Come From The World  Summer 2017

“Mountain”   EAB Publishing’s Midnight Circus  Summer 2017

“40 Winks of Certain”  The Big Windows Review  July 28, 2017

“Keno Hill”  The Ocotillo Review, Kallisto Gaia Press  Summer 2017

“Used Goods”   Not Your Mother’s Breast Milk  May 20, 2017

“Pit Stop”  Santa Ana River Review

“The Ungulate’s Jaw”  Fredericksburg Literary & Arts Review  Summer 2017

“in chance winter”  Silvae Magazine  November 2017

“Broken” & “Wakeful”   The Foliate Oak   May 2017

“The Move”   Now Then/Word Life   Issue 41 April 26, 2017

“In Future Lives”   YuGen/Artists’ Syndicate

“Beyond Neptune”   Sooth Swarm Journal   Issue II

“Dig Down”  Peeking Cat Poetry

“Inventory”   Inklette   Issue 4  Winter 2017

“raven’s eye.  for vivian.” & “Raiding the Mountain Ash”   Foxglove Journal

“Quartz” & “Resolve”  San Pedro River Review   February 2017

“Tsunami”   Ascent

“Dutch Fry Baby”   Ink Drift   Nostalgia  January 2017

“Cèilidh for Angus”   Wild Musette

“Carol’s Laminaria,” December 30th,” & “You Know You Walk in Bear Country”   Icarus Anthology

“Silver Trail, Yukon” & “Raiding the Mountain Ash”   13Chairs   Issue 2  March 2017

“Build That Wall”   Waxy&Poetic   #100Days#100Poems day 14 February 2 2017

“Elixir”  The Broken City  Issue 19/Life of the Party, Winter 2016

“Gutted”   Rise Up Review  January 8, 2016

“Goose & Grove”   Cirque  Vol. 8.1 Winter 2016 (print & online)

“December 30th” & “Tonight”  Halcyon Days  Issue 4

“Light Catcher,” “Sound” & “Instead, a Sign”  Venus Magazine  Issue ii

“My Daughter Teaches Me to Read a Poem”  Yellow Medicine Review  Fall 2016 #NoDAPL/Resilience

“This Pot”   Daphne Magazine

“Wooden Boardwalk,” “Moon” & “At the Southern Entrance of Lynn Canal”  Sheila-Na-Gig  Volume 1.2 Winter 2016

“In the Absence of Sun,” “Dragons Inspire Fear,” “Goose & Grove,” “the secret writing of a dancing queen” & “the second the rain turned to snow”  Midnight Circus  Winter 2017

“The Port au Port Peninsula,” “Where Celsius and Fahrenheit Meet”  Young Ravens Literary Review   Issue 5 2016

“Road Trip”   Allegro Poetry Magazine   Issue 11 December 2016

“In Search of the Poet I,” “Sometimes,” “Mortality” & “In Search of the Poet II”   Moledro Magazine   Issue 3 2016

“Middle Earth Cafe:  Nakusp, B.C.”   Pure Slush   Summer Issue Vol 12 August 2016

“New Moon”   Inklette   Issue 3 Fall 2016

“Conscience”   Sheila-Na-Gig Online   Fall Issue Vol 1 Summer 2016

“This Is Barrow, But It’s Not My Photo”   Pure Slush   Tall..ish Issue Vol 11 May 2016

“This Day,” “Poetry & Wind” & “Moon”   On the Rusk  Issue 9 June 2016

“Hometown” & “The Saltbox on Gibson Place”   Cirque   Vol 7.2 Summer 2016 (print & online)

“Rain Down the Mountain,” “On a Sandbank in Willow Creek They Find Your Body” & “Berry Picking”   Fredericksburg Literary & Art Review (FLAR)   Volume 4, Issue 1 Spring 2016 (print & online)

“The Saltbox on Gibson Place”   Wildflower Muse  March 2016

“Talisman”   Heartbeat:  A Literary Journal   March 2016

“Querencia” & “Laminaria”   Tidal Echoes Literary & Arts Journal   2016

“Visiting the Cabin of Winter News Above the Tanana River” & “Aunt”  Cirque   Vol 7.1 (print & online)

“Aunt”   The Yellow Chair Review   June 2015

“Shelter and Flight” & “Stranding”   Mused   BellaOnline Literary Review  Vol 9 Issue 2  Summer 2015

“In Eliason Harbor” & “Poet Passes:  Leaves Words Behind”   Tidal Echoes Literary & Arts Journal   2015

“Stranding”   Cirque   Vol 6.2 Summer 2015 (print & online)

“Poet Passes: Leaves Words Behind” & “9 Kinds of Cottongrass”   Cirque   Vol 6.1 Winter 2014 (print & online)

“North Again”   Cirque   Vol 5.2  Summer 2014  (print & online)

“North to Kluane” & “An Offering”   Tidal Echoes Literary & Arts Journal  2014

“Lineage,” “Hope, Renewal & Herring” & “In Search of Grandfather Clam”   Tidal Echoes Literary & Arts Journal  2013

“The Fortymile”   Cirque   Vol 4.1 Winter 2013 (print & online)

“Persephone’s Return,” “Rie’s Song” & “Summer Bears”  Tidal Echoes Literary & Arts Journal  2012

“Brigid’s Light:  A Break from Rain”  Tidal Echoes Literary & Arts Journal  2011

Various poems published in  Alaska Women Speak  1999-2013


“Little Salmon Lake,” “Recurrence” & “Spirit Travels”   Cherry House Press   Dreams Anthology Spring 2019  (forthcoming)

“For Gloria”   We’Moon   2020  (forthcoming)

“Be Prepared”   Windows of Remembrance   Down in the Dirt  Anthology May-August 2018

“Too Many Reasons Not to Go Home” & “Bouquet”   Peeking Cat Poetry   Anthology 2018

“No Plot of Earth” & “Top of the World Highway”   Wagonbridge Publication

“Too Many Reasons Not to Go Home” & “Dutch Fry Baby”  World Enough Writers / Concrete Wolf

“Yukon Artists’ Co-Op”  Darkhouse Books/Sanctuary   Summer 2018

“Collage”   Wolf Warriors 4:  Wolves of Light & Darkness  Anthology December 2017

“The Wave of a Magic Wand”   Peeking Cat Poetry   Anthology 2017

“Ceilidh for Angus”  Picaroon Poetry  Anthology of Music-Inspired Poetry

“Free Spirit” & Photo Moon Kitty from Alaska   Peeking Cat Poetry  Anthology 2016

“Chicken Bear”   One Million Haikus by the People of Sitka  Island Institute 2015

“From One Good Year to the Beginning of Another”   We’Moon  2014

“Fiddleheads”   Connotations   Island Institute Summer 2013

“Brigid’s Light:  A Break from Rain”   Brigit:  Sun of Womanhood  Goddess Ink 2012


“Writing Process”   Poetry Leaves   Spring 2019

“Early Spring”   Poetry Leaves   Spring 2018

“Kite Flying”  The Voices Project   Spring 2018

“What We Carry”   Poetry Leaves   Spring 2017


“Creative Energy from the Homefront:  A Review of Permanent Change of Station.”  A review of Lisa Stice’s collection, Permanent Change of Station.   The Poetry Shed.  October 2018

“A Review of The Hide of My Tongue: Ax L’óot’ Doogú by Vivian Faith Prescott (Plain View Press, 2012)”   Cirque  vol 5.1 winter 2013 (print & online)


Peeking Cat Poetry interview by Sam Rose October 9, 2017

Moledro Magazine interview by Devanshi Khetarpal “Unfinished:  A Dialogue on the ‘Work in Progress'” June 29, 2016


Amy Butcher & Women Writers, February 1, 2019, Sitka Performing Arts Center (“This Is Barrow, But It’s Not My Photo,” “Keno Hill,” “Cèilidh for Angus” and “To the Cabin Named Mary Jane”)

Alderworks Reading, June 2018, Dyea, Alaska

Something Yet to Be Named Launch and Reading with Vivian Faith Prescott, April 2018, Old Harbor Books, Sitka, Alaska

Graduate Reading, July 2016, Anchorage, Alaska

Student Poetry Reading, July 2015, Anchorage, Alaska

Writer’s Read, April 2015, Sitka, Alaska

Author: kerstenchristianson

Kersten Christianson is a raven-watching, moon-gazing, high school English-teaching Alaskan. She serves as poetry editor of the quarterly journal Alaska Women Speak. Her latest collection of poetry is Curating the House of Nostalgia (Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, 2020). Kersten holds an MFA from the University of Alaska. @kerstenak

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