Peatsmoke Journal

I am so grateful to end this week of shortened daylight and lengthened classroom hours with a poem published by Peatsmoke Journal.  Editors Bess Cooley and Wendy Wallace strive to “give readers a place to find exciting new work that inspires, stirs, surprises, and sparks the empathetic imagination.”  I am thankful when my work finds its page.  “Prayer for the Wildness” is in good company.

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my (small press) writing day: Writing in the House of Fall

Last summer, I received an email from writer Rob Mclennan who runs a blog called “my small press writing day” modeled after The Guardian’s occasional feature, “My Writing Day.”  He wondered if I’d be interested in writing an entry.  Interested?  Yes!

So his email sat in my inbox through August, September and now through the first autumn storm in October.  Last weekend the winds creaked the house, the rains swarmed the windows and I sat down to write.  The end result with photos of my writing space published this week:  Writing in the House of Fall.  Thanks, Rob!