Coffee Poems

Thank you to Editor Lorraine Healy or World Enough Writers for including my little tribute to coffee, “Dutch Fry Baby” and “Too Many Reasons Not to Go Home” in Coffee Poems:  Reflections on Life with Coffee.  Lorraine sums up the intent of the publication perfectly in her forward:

What struck me most as I read the submissions for this anthology was the sheer amount of new vocabulary which accompanied that old plain staple of the cafe or the diner, the cup of coffee.  Cell phones and their cameras, roasters, vegan cake, baristas, soy lattes, drive-through windows, macchiato, McDonald’s, Apple Pay.  Maxwell and Folgers turned into Starbucks ubiquity, coffee-pots that wake before us and offer that first hot hit of the day.  As a child moved from the bottle to milky cafe con leech, as a native of a city so imbued by coffee that index and thumb two inches apart signals espresso, it made me wonder about this new age of coffee arabica

227 pages of poetry devoted to coffee?  Yes, please!

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Porkbelly Press/Sugared Water No. 6: Cartography

Thank you to Poetry Editor Ashley Blake for including “Katie’s Cabin” in this handbound publication, Cartography.  Inside, a plethora of directional, wayfaring writings.  I love their note just inside a page or two:

If we could candy words, we’d eat them to bellyaches every afternoon.  We carry journals and collect chapbooks like Smaug ripping through a gold-sequin disco.  If we’re lucky enough to leave something behind that enriches the dialogue of writerly types around the world, so much the better.  Send us your stuff — we’ll only hoard it for a little while.