Cirque Vol 10, No. 1

Cirque is a journal committed to publishing the work of writers and artists from the North Pacific Rim.  That’s the formal description.  The more personal description is that twice a year it offers a reunion among writerly friends among its pages.  I have come to submit with intention work that I think long and hard about, that I revise over and again, because I know that when the final journal arrives in my mailbox, I’ll see in its table of contents mentors, UA faculty, peers, friends, current or former students, writers from Blue Canoe, etc.  There is always a familiar name and Cirque offers a window through which to see what folks have been up to in their writing pursuits.  If you click on the link, you, too, may recognize many familiar names, especially if you dig Alaska writers.

Long live this beautiful publication.  Its editors Mike Burwell and Sandy Kleven gift it with such vision. I thank them for publishing my poem, “Hygge and Sisu in 3 Parts.” My hard copy is scheduled to arrive Saturday and you bet I’m tracking it three times a day in hopes it may land early.

Heather Lende’s Find the Good

Goodreads Review


Loved it! Second only to Lende’s If You Lived Here, I’d Know Your Name. I actually bought this book four years ago during her book visit to Sitka. At the time I also bought copies for my mom and mother-in-law. Why it’s taken me so long to read? Don’t know, but I devoured it yesterday. I especially enjoyed the essays, “Be Sure Your Dog Walks You,” “Take the Kind of Happiness That Comes Your Way” and “Make It Shine.” The last is about Hilma, a woman I came to befriend during the summer I worked at the Halsingland Hotel in 1994. In fact, I so enjoyed this last essay, that I ran down to Old Harbor Books to pick up a copy for a friend who also knew Hilma that same summer. I think like many Southeast Alaska towns, Haines is very divided. The experience of living in these little towns can be quite individualized and personal. I wonder if Lende’s experience on the local assembly has in any way changed her views of living in Haines and look forward to her next book, whatever it might be. Such a unique walk in such a town – author of obituaries. Such an eye for what matters. I quite enjoyed this read.