What Caught Raven’s Eye

New chapbook in 2018! Thank you Petroglyph Press, Vivian Faith Prescott and Vivian Mork. Thank you to Aakatchaq Shaeffer for the borrow of “Raven” for its cover. Thank you also poets Lisa Houlihan Stice and Gilliland Caravan for the sweet back cover endorsements. What Caught Raven’s Eye may be purchased here through the link.  It is also available at Old Harbor Books. I am also happy to drop a signed copy in the mail. Please contact me for details.  Be sure to check out the book’s trailer!



Three Drops from a Cauldron: Midwinter 2018

I am so grateful to Editor Kate Garrett for including my poem “Bear, Wagon, Ladle” in the Midwinter 2018 issue of Three Drops from a Cauldron.  The midwinter issues are my favorite seasonal reads.  As published on their website:

“Welcome to our final seasonal special at Three Drops from a Cauldron – the simultaneously icy-frosty, warm-and-cosy, comforting-yet-unsettling Midwinter 2018. It’s been a beautiful thing to put together – there are myths, lore, legends and traditions most of us will find familiar (magpies, solstice, Christmas, fairytales like Snow White, and so on), but also quite a few things I personally wasn’t as familiar with, such as celebrating the Night of the Three Kings in Spain, and the Canadian story of the hoof lady.”

Three Drops from a Cauldron Midwinter 2018.png

Kersten Christianson, Between Arrival and Departure

via Kersten Christianson, Between Arrival and Departure

Dodging the Rain.png

Thank you to Poetry Editor Neil Slevin for including a short stack of my poetry in Dodging the Rain‘s “12 Poems of Christmas.”  The poems are:  “In Whitehorse,”  “Jazz” and “Flambeau.”  Much gratitude!

From their website: Dodging The Rain is an art and literary journal committed to representing a variety of new work by emerging writers and artists. Founded and edited by graduates of NUI Galway’s MA in Writing and Literature and Publishing programmes, and one graduate of Uversity’s Creative Process MA, Dodging The Rain provides an internet platform that showcases writers and artists worldwide. Galway, Ireland is its spiritual home.

The Writers’ Cafe Magazine – Issue 14

Happy Solstice!  Thank you to Editor Marie Lightman for including “The Westminster” in the “Frost and Dew” issue of The Writers’ Cafe Magazine.

The Westminster
by Kersten Christianson

In the Pit we drink
Molson as if July
when the raucous
toss poker chips
& share a joint
across a rickety table

in the hide & seek shade
above the back alley.
But it’s winter, rime
gathers in corners,
51 below zero.
A girl careens,

spins with her pint
in the tin-foiled
dance room of twinkle
lights to Elton John.
Hold me closer, Tony

Spider Web, The Writers’ Cafe Magazine, ISSUE 14:  “Frost and Dew.”