The Voices Project

Denise Powell is the founding editor of The Voices Project, a venue for women’s voices.  As stated, “…when you empower a woman, you empower a family, a community, a nation…”  Timely, this, with the second annual Women’s March happening this weekend. I am grateful to The Voices Project for including my poem “Kite Flying” in this project.  Have you shared your voice yet?1359389494


The Northern Review

Wow!  It’s such an honor to have “Crop” and “DaVinci’s A Bear Walking” published in the pages of The Northern Review.  Special thanks to Deanna McLeod

As listed on the Yukon College website, “The Northern Review is a multidisciplinary journal exploring human experience in the Circumpolar North. We are published by the School of Liberal Arts.

The journal is the only peer-reviewed publication in Canada devoted exclusively to northern issues and published north of 60. Since 1988, we have published articles covering a broad range of human issues and topics in the social sciences, humanities, health, law, and the arts.

The editors invite research articles and book reviews relating to human experience in, and thought about, the Circumpolar North.”

If you visit the website, you’re able to browse work published in this issue by some of my favorite northern authors:  Nancy Lord, Joanna Lilley, Nicole Bauberger, Carolyn Kremers, S. Hollis Mickey, Jeremy Pataky and Linda Schandelmeier, among others.


Moonchild Magazine

Nadia Gerassimenko, Founding Editor of Moonchild Magazine, has done it again.  Issue 2:  Dead Stars Still Burn has offered its brightness into the world.  As written in her Editor’s Note, “This issue pays homage to all the spectacular celestial bodies in our skyscape. It also pays tribute to some of our beloved stars who left us in the recent years as well as long ago, but their legacy and contributions live on, their ghosts still haunt us (nicely, we hope?).”  I am ever so grateful to have two poems included in this issue, “Planet Ink” and “Taku Winds.”  Grab a cuppa tea and dig in!

Moonchild Magazine