Something Yet to Be Named

Here is my Over the Moon share:  My poetry collection Something Yet to Be Named (Aldrich Press) is now available on Amazon and at Old Harbor Books in Sitka.  Signed copies may be purchased from me.

I am so very thankful for everyone who helped make this happen:  to friends and family, especially April for giving me a room in her house for a handful of Anchorage summers and to Bruce for finding Wifi connections when needed this summer for final editing work; to my MFA mentors and graduate committee: Anne Caston, Zack Rogow, Elizabeth Bradfield, Sherry Simpson and David Stevenson; to all the writing professors in the University of Alaska Anchorage Low-Residency MFA Program; to my UAA poet friends, Blue Canoe Writer friends and fellow board and editorial friends at Alaska Women Speak; to Yukon artist Daphne Mennell for sharing her art Full Moon on Windy Arm for the cover (“…from one artist to another”); to Carol Birrell, Anne Caston, Vivian Faith Prescott and Zack Rogow for providing written comments for the book’s back cover; to the journals that shared various poems along this road to publication, among them Cirque, San Pedro River Review, Sheila-Na-Gig, Tidal Echoes; and to editor Karen Kelsay of Aldrich Press (an imprint of Kelsay Books) for putting this writing out to the world.  I am ever so grateful.

Christianson Cover


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