San Pedro River Review: Back Roads & Byways vol. 9 no. 1 spring 2017

A surprise arrival in the mail today with my contributor’s copy of the San Pedro River Review.  Thank you to editors Jeffrey & Tobi Alfier for including two of my poems, “Quartz”  & “Resolve.”  I must also disclose a moment of writing star crush in that Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem, “Get-Away Car, United States, 2017” is also included in this issue and located not too many pages away.  Wonderful surprise on so many levels and I am excited to make this my weekend reading.


Inklette #4 february 2017


Thank you to the editors of Inklette for including my poem “Inventory” and audio recording in Issue #4, along with a handful of photos I took while visiting author and artist Vivian Faith Prescott (Planet Alaska) at her family’s fishcamp in Wrangell, Alaska a few summers ago.  Enjoy the sweet array of writings included in this fine issue.  As indicated by its byline, Inklette truly is “for the ink-hearted.”


13 Chairs issue 2 march 2017

13 Chairs

Such an honor that two of my poems have published in the latest issue of 13 Chairs.  Here, you’ll read “Silver Trail, Yukon” and “Raiding the Mountain Ash.”   Vivian Faith Prescott also has work published in this issue, two stories titled “The First Assimilated Sami in the World” and “First Contact in Lituya Bay Revisited.”  I am so appreciative of northern publications!

After the Tipsy