Young Ravens Literary Review, The Four Elements Issue

Thank you to co-editors Sarah Page and Elizabeth Pinborough for including two of my poems (“The Port au Port Peninsula” and “Where Celsius and Fahrenheit Meet”) in the current issue of Young Ravens Literary Review.

About this lovely issue, the editors write:

In the fifth issue of Young Ravens Literary Review, authors and artists explore the four elements of fire, water, earth and air. Imagination explodes from the embers of dead stars as we dive into our own humanity through the many ways we both lose and find ourselves in the natural world: A bonfire entwines two lives in the darkness with the illusion of age and the promise of growing old with a loved one. Water rolls broken shells smooth as our own jagged edges are challenged and cleansed by the tides of time. Stones strain with the weight of a sleeping giant, veins pumping with fresh snow melt. A man follows the bliss of an unruly breeze into wild solitude—inviting only the reader to follow.